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 Current Projects


The Un-Boyfriend

Release date November 11th 2022

Alice is in love. Her life with Greg is everything she's always wanted. After all, single life has never looked less appealing as her sister crashes from one comical dating disaster to the next.


In comparison, Alice's life is pretty much perfect until a suspicious woman, a corrupt company and some strange behaviour leads her to question her relationship, Greg, and whether her perfect life may be built on a shocking secret that endangers them all. 


What brings a young and struggling aged care worker, and a pampered business woman together, and thrusts them into a dangerously fraught mission? Thrown together unexpectedly, Jaime and Claire find themselves sharing a life changing experience, aided by an assortment of wronged and vengeful pseudo vigilantes. How do these two very different women negotiate a life changing experience together, even though they are both striving for very different outcomes?



What do you do when every day is as depressing as the last?  Mary needs an escape from her parent's ongoing drama and the cycle of her mother's illness that shadows their lives. She's found it in RealTime, a world where she can be Avery, a skilled safecracker working as part of a team to complete breathtaking missions. It may be an online gaming platform but Mary's relationships there are real, and Avery is everything Mary wishes she could be—skilled, fearless and in love. 


Then the most powerful man in RealTime hires them for their riskiest mission yet. Avery and her team find themselves amid a dangerous plot which threatens the world she loves. A kidnapping and a betrayal result in a shocking twist when Mary realises that someone she has been playing alongside in the game, is a person in her real life. For the first time, Mary

 must draw upon the resources of both worlds to save her friends. 

The Un-Boyfriend

"This is a ‘can’t put down’ book. It is captivating, intriguing and thought provoking from start to finish. These characters were in my thoughts even when not reading the book - a true sign of a great story, and storyteller for me. A superbly wonderful read!

Ros Faulkner.



Vodka and Jellyfish had me hooked from the opening line, “I’m sorry,” to the end. You will want to read this all in one go!  A deeply emotional story of sisterhood in all its glory, beautiful commitment, support, and unending love all blended in with trauma.” Talia Willis.

I love reading the pinny stories. I actually picture what I'm reading. When I buy the pinny I love, I see that pinny as the story she comes with. I have shared the pinnies I have bought with friends I work with. Ive actually bought one for a resident who is at the rest home I work in. To see her face light up when I have read her the story of the pinny she has received, brings joy not only to her but to me. To see that pinny on her on baking days brings me joy and love, as it does to her. My friends who I have given them too love theirs just as much and love the stories that come with them, giving their own pinny personality. Karen Dunn.

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